If you are thinking about taking a trip but haven’t managed to scrape yourself off the couch, watch these 5 shows, and trust me you will be running to pack your bags and leave.

1. Departures

This is one of my favourite shows; if you are thinking about taking a long trip you MUST watch these guys first. They are two Canadians who decided to pack it all in and travel the world on a budget. There are three fantastic series and they really do go to some amazing places. Perfect binge watching!

2. Anything with Anthony Bourdain

You have probably already heard of him, but he truly is my travel icon. I find it hard to watch a lot of travel presenters, usually they come across a little awkward and not very relatable. Anthony is the opposite of this. He is honest and blunt to a fault, speaking his mind at every opportunity. Starting out as a New York chef, he marries his love of food and desire to travel. Over the years he has done several shows: A Cook’s Tour, The Layover, No Reservations and Parts Unknown.

3. Welcome to India

This is an incredible documentary series which explores the underlying pulse and raw energy of an amazing country. It takes a deep dive into the lives of average, working class Indians and shows how their daily lives are spent. I can’t think of a more inspiring series if you are looking to take a closer look into the human side of a country.

4. Long Way Round

Another fantastic adventure documentary series, starring actors Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman as they embark on a a motorcycle journey around the world. I not only love this series for its thrill seeking adventures but for the rawness of the filming. Ewan and Charlie are complete opposites and give a rare insiders view of what traveling with a friend or companion can really be like. The ups and downs, the moments of excitement, and the sheer frustration with each other. If you like this series there have done a few others Long Way Down, By Any Means and Right to the Edge.

5. An Idiot Aboard

This is an excellent twist on your traditional travel series. It is a comedy presented by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. Basically they take Karl Pilkington your average complaining, unexcitable Englishman and put him into out-of-the-box, amazing experiences around the world. Karl hates them all. This show is truly great. I love it because of how real Karl is! He expresses what a lot of the time you are thinking deep down while traveling, but would never say out loud. The underwhelming truth that sometimes The Great Pyramids just don’t seem that great! Anyway I think you will get a laugh out of this show as it shows another side of traveling.