This city is a crazy, manic place that is constantly changing. Even for locals it is hard to keep up, so here are 5 insider tips of some different things to do when visiting NYC.

1.KITH Treats New York’s first cereal bar
So you are in New York and you want to do something out of the box, literally! Get yourself to KITH treats which is the first ever cereal bar. Yes cereal bar!
KITH actually started from humble beginnings as a sneaker store in Brooklyn and now boasts as the first cereal store in New York. It has over 24 different types of cereal, from Cocoa Puffs and Lucky Charms to some more unusual varieties. You can also choose from 25 different “toppings” and five different kinds of milk.


2. Galleries openings in Chelsea
Even if you aren’t a huge art fan you should check out the gallery openings in Chelsea on a Thursday night between 6-9pm. It is opening night for most exhibitions, so the galleries open up their doors for a preview of the new work. It is always completely free and is one of our favorite evening activities; a great combination of free drinks and world class art, seriously what could be better! It ranges from ultra-contemporary to moderately traditional, and most Thursdays Chelsea has it all.

On average there are around 30 openings, spanning ten blocks from 23rd st and going up. The openings can range from the very formal, where guest mostly seem to be old school art dealers, to the extremely rowdy, resembling more of a party then an art gallery. What ever it is, you are bound to see some very interesting characters. The people watching alone makes the visit worth while.

Here is a link to a site that lets you know the current opening for that week.

3.Morning session with Daybreaker
So you are in New York and you find yourself with nothing to do at 6am on a Tuesday morning…. Get yourself to Daybreak! It is a morning fitness class that combines a crazy non-alcoholic dance party with an amazing yoga workout. It is a lot of fun and really an experience like no other. Trust me, after this you will be pumped for the rest of the day. You need to get tickets in advance, so take a look here for upcoming dates.


4.Sleep No More
We went to this recently and it was ridiculously good! I don’t want to give to much away because that is part of its appeal, but basically it is a site-specific interactive performance set in a 6 story, old hotel in Manhattan, sound amazing yet!

The entire performance is set up to feel like the you have stepped back in time. Throughout the night you are disguised by masks and made to wonder around the hotel. You are encouraged to follow the different characters, chasing them through the hotel, picking a storyline that best suits your inquisition. The dancing, acting and costumes are absolutely mind blowing. If you are in New York you must go to see this! Check it out here.


5.Eat Italian at Patrizias
This is a great family owned Italian place just over the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn. If you love authentic Italian food it is a must to put on your travel list. Patrizias Pizza and Pasta is a well known establishment in Brooklyn and there is a reason why.

The food is unbelievable, and the prices are very reasonable. For $49 you get over ten huge courses and as much wine as you can drink all night. The atmosphere is also fantastic; it feels like you are guest in the home of huge Italian family!

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