So who are we, and why should you trust us for advice on your next big trip?

Lets see if you can follow along, it’s a little tricky. I’m from Australia and James is from a tiny island between England and France know as Jersey. We had both been living in England and left our jobs to travel South America for a year, although at this point we had never met.

Halfway through our travels we meet in La Paz, Bolivia, in a little place called Route 36 (for anyone who has been there this is a remarkable story). After meeting we ended up continuing our travels together and long story short, 5 years later we are still living together and calling New York home (for now). A lot happened in-between, but you will have to follow our blog to see how all this came about. Trust us there are some stories and advice you don’t want to miss.

From all of these adventures we have learnt a thing or two about traveling and moving around the globe. We have backpacked, sailed, couchsurfed, flown, hitchhiked, bused and worked throughout the world,with no plans on stopping anytime soon.

One of our real passions is not only traveling to different destinations but being able to imerse yourself into a place and become part of the culture. James and I are incredibly lucky people and I am the first to admit that we do have jobs that allow us to work globally pretty easily. We are both designers and have been able to find work in most places that we have landed.

We have been to numerous countries and love getting questions about things to do or advice. Send us a message and will be happy to answer.

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