The one thing about traveling that nobody really talks about is the amount of time it takes to accomplish everything.

During my travels in South America it felt like so much of my time was spent waiting. Waiting for a plane, waiting for a bus, waiting to check in, waiting to get into a country, waiting for a tour to begin. So much of  your time is spent sitting and waiting! The amount of time I spent on the inside of a bus is more then anyone should spend in their whole life. We are talking about supposedly 12 hour trips, that miraculously turn into epic 3 day journeys. On the plus side, you do gain a new understanding of the word patience.

Although the boredom is mostly filled by talking shit and exchanging travel stories with complete strangers, sometimes you find yourself alone. In this time you WILL need music. Make sure your iphone is fully charged and you have a playlist that regularly updates. If not, I can a sure you that the playlist you made before setting off on your trip will get very old very quickly. What was once your favourite song now may as well be The Crazy Frog!

Here is a link to my travel playlist that updates every Monday. Just incase you need a little inspiration.